Acacia honey in glass, 250 g

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Acacia 250g

Product Description

  • Acacia honey belongs to the best varieties of monoflora honey and is in great demand.
  • Doesn’t crystalize for several years which is highly valued by customers.
  • High Fructose rate puts Acacia honey in a number of universal products: can be used in the ordinary diet, as well as in the diabetic one.
  • Endowed with special, delicate aroma and soft taste.
  • It has a number of medical properties: has a positive effect on the gastrointestinal tract, cardiovascular system, has antiseptic action.
  • Per 100 g: energy – 314 kcal, fat – 0 g, carbohydrate – 75 g, protein – 0,8 g.

Weight: 250 g (may be 975, 500, 375 and 250 g)
Description: All honey is natural, unpasteurized, was gathered by bees from flowers and trees of Ukraine. Our honey is free of any harmful substances, flavored, of the highest quality. Bioproduct. Honey meets the requirements of DSTU 4497:2005. Complies with Council directive 2001/110/EU of December 20, 2001.
Shelf life: 2 years.
Storage: Store in cool and in dark, refrigeration not needed.


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