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HONEY GIFT SET USH 790 gr: acacia, with walnuts, linden


This excluive Honey Gift Set is filled with gourmet Ukrainian honey, wood spoon for honey and, also you can get a small surprise from USH company.  The large size of three jars (8.5 oz each) comes in an illustrated gift box, perfect for holidays and special occasions. Make your mark with our gift box of healthy and tasty honey.

The Honey Gift Set consists: bright carton box, which contains three glass jars of different kind of honey and covered by metal Twist-off lids,  among which there is one jar of honey with walnut. Additionally, in a separate cardboard box inside, there are three Honey Sticks of 20 grams and one small decorative wooden spoon for honey. Bees honey used for forming this kit is pure, natural, without any residues, Ukrainian origin and the following types: acacia, linden or floral. Honey with nuts is packed with added exclusively from dry and non-fried walnuts. Honey sticks (sachets) contain honey of the following types: acacia and/or floral honey.