The 46th Apimondia International Apicultural Congress Montréal, 8-12 September 2019

Scientific Program


The Scientific Program for the 46th Apimondia International Apicultural Congress covers a wide range of topics of interest to researchers and beekeepers alike.   Scientific papers are organized into symposia themes, grouped within the seven Apimondia Standing Commissions.  New to the Montréal Congress is the addition of “Cross-Cutting” symposia which encompass topics spanning the purview of two or more scientific commissions.

The structure of the program allows all conference delegates to attend keynote presentations by world-renowned authorities during each morning of the Congress.  Invited plenary speakers will also serve as lead-off presenters for selected symposia.

Highlights among the many symposia at the Montréal Congress will include:  Advances in Honey Bee Genomics, the Impact of Pesticides on Bees, Breeding for Mite and Disease Resistance, the Detection and Prevention of Honey Fraud, Technical Innovations in Beekeeping, Honey Bee Nutrition, the Status and Conservation of Pollinators, Treatment-Free Beekeeping as well as Citizen Science and Bees.  The Montréal Congress will also host two symposia sponsored by the OIE, the World Organization for Animal Health, on topics related to bee diseases, pests and the world-wide movement of bee stock. 

In addition to symposia, the Congress will also have formally-organized round tables which address emerging maters of interest.  Round tables will permit the interchange of ideas between audience members and selected panelists.  Examples include:  the Social Impact of Bees, Beekeeping with Stingless Bees and Honey Adulteration.

Workshops are also being planned to provide practical tools, skills and ideas to participants.  Currently-planned workshops include such diverse themes as:  Honey Tasting, Urban Beekeeping and New Apitherapy Products and Practices.

I invite you to review the program overview for a more complete listing of topics and encourage you all to attend Apimondia 2019 in beautiful Montréal, Canada.


Stephen F. Pernal, Ph.D.
Scientific Program Chair
Apimondia 2019

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Video The Quebec apiculture industry – APIMONDIA 2019

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