In the early 70s

Our story was started in the early 70s of the twentieth century

At that time, the vast majority of beekeepers in the USSR were engaged in the amateur holiday's work of breeding bees and obtaining beekeeping products, where the main driving force was interest only, but not commercial gain.

That interest also had touched us, when one of the Saturday's days, instead of the usual activity of hunting or fishing trip, it was suggested us to go to the bees, which of course a huge caused delight and expectation of something mysterious. And, there are the farther away the more interesting this process became for all included. The years had been passing, our experience became more and more, as well as the results of labor. Honey and pollen began to be regularly delivered to the family, but they could not master what they had been got by themselves - there was too much honey. Friends, employees, colleagues, and acquaintances came to the rescue... ..And so was year after year. But after, at the dawn of 90s there was gone no time for honey...

Year 2012

All of these years we have supported the apiary in the Odessa region

which in 2012 was formed to the basis of the new, renewed apiary. In 2014, we decided to engage in apiaries, and professionally process beekeeping products in a new region of Ukraine - the Kyiv region, in close proximity to the Bukrinsky acacia deposits. This is a way how the Ukrainian Society of Honey company was created.

Year 2015

In 2015, the first processing plant was launched

The basis standards were formed by our, Ukrainian, existing standards for the processing and storage of beekeeping products.

There is an interesting fact that while experimenting, we always wanted to offer all people who like honey more and more new beekeeping products, with new qualities, with a new taste etc. This is how honey with additions of nuts appeared, then sub-honey, desserts. We are confident we will be able to expand the line of honey products more than once, relying on the unique properties of honey, pollen, bee bread, homogenate, propolis, observing the unshakable rule - the product must always retain its naturalness and usefulness.


Ukrainian Society of Honey

is certified enterprise of bee products production and processing, included to the register of exporters of Ukraine.

Located in a picturesque area of Right Bank Ukraine – the Bukryn area in Kiev region. Our production capacity is about 2000 tons of honey per year.

We process only high-quality own-produced and purchased honey, using modern equipment for quality investigation.

As a result, our products meet world quality standards such as FDA and EU directives demands. Our honey is exported to the EU and the USA markets.